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SERP Logistics Services Ltd. was established in 1993 to serve the mother company of the BerBen Group in warehousing and other logistic related investments.

BerBen Express, pioneer of the Air Freight Industry in Turkey and agent of AEI was targeting to enlarge the scoop of its services to better serve the very fast grooving client base. The first goal of SERP Logistics Ltd. was achieved in 1995 by building a 10.000 sq. warehouse facility in Hadımkoy /Istanbul. SERP Logistics investments stopped with the purchase of BerBen Express Ltd by DPWN Group in 2003 where the commercial activity of SERP Logistics was frozen.

In 2011 , SERP Logistics Ltd management decided to be again an active player of the Turkish logistic and forwarding industry.

Counting on it’s 25 years of experience in the International Forwarding Industry in Turkey and the region SERP Logistics is targeting to be the best option for his client’s logistic needs, by offering cost sensitive, reliable and flexible logistic solutions.

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